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Secrets of the City:
Fort Worth

Revealing all the untold stories of Fort Worth's Rowdy history. From all the best local spots to where to grab the best local beer, check out the stories that make Fort Worth unique!

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Fort Worth’s Very Own Romeo and Juliet

Fort Worth, Texas—also known as “Where the West Begins”—has been the preferred hiding place of many famous outlaws and criminals. Perhaps none of our notorious denizens were more exciting than the household names Bonnie and Clyde. That’s right: Clyde Borrow and Bonnie Parker spent some time in Fort Worth’s Stockyards neighborhood, and we’re here to tell you about this overlooked chapter in their saga.

Having grown up poor in nearby Dallas, Bonnie and Clyde launched their crime spree when they met at ages 19 and 21. Soon, they were rumored to be responsible for more than 13 murders, a plethora of car hijackings, and the spate of bank robberies that made them infamous. Their lengthy rap sheets and explosive interpersonal dynamic is what gave them the notoriety as a pair of dangerous, star-crossed lovers that could only emerge from the Wild West.

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Before Bonnie and Clyde met their untimely fate in Louisiana in 1934, they stopped in Fort Worth to hide from law enforcement in the historic Stockyards Hotel. In 1933, Bonnie and Clyde rented the southwest corner of the third floor where they watched for approaching lawmen and cased a nearby bank. You can stay in the same suite today, and the room is decorated with newspaper clippings and a  revolver belonging to none other than Bonnie Parker herself.

Next time you’re in the Stockyards, make sure you stay at the Stockyards Hotel to you get your fill of rich Fort Worth history. Staying at The Stockyards Hotel is like taking a step back in time to the cowboy days of Fort Worth. While you’re there, check out the downstairs saloon stocked with local beer and craft cocktails. The hotel is located on the corner of Exchange and Main Street, making it the perfect location for outlaws on the run—as well as for tourists wanting to get their Wild West fix.



Written by Annie, a local expert guide for Fort Worth Crawling. After living in NYC for three years, this Fort Worth native is excited to return to her roots in Panther City. She enjoys traveling and the great outdoors and is passionate about the arts, community, tacos, and (of course) Texas beer. Join Annie for history and beer on Fort Worth Crawling’s Cowboy Pub Crawl!

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